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South Africa

It is now 3 years later and Ubathi SA together with Global Safaris have gained strength in the hunting community. We would like to thank all the hunters and associations that has supported us in this past years. We will continue to contribute to conservation and be your family in SA.

We also have a representative in the USA Randy Hicks who is always available for questions and enquiries.
Tel or Email - 1-806-269-2322 prandyhicks@hotmail.com

Photo of Rene Barnard Photo of Ronald Barnard Photo of Randy The USA representitive
The Ubathi South Africa team

We will be operating from Thabazimbi, in the beautiful Limpopo province, only two hours from Johannesburg International airport which saves on overnight as well as the airfare to Kimberley. We are also still hunting in the Kimberley area in the Northern Cape and Free State. You therefore have the choice of where you would like to hunt. All malaria free areas and you can experience different vegetations as well as hunting and seeing a variety of species.
Hunting zebra in South Africa

hunting in South Africa south-african-lion-hunt

Your stay

Experience the wildlife, while enjoying real South African hospitality and comfort. All rooms are en-suite, mostly 2 beds per room and daily serviced. Wash cloths as well as shower gel, hand soap, lotion and shampoo will be provided. Laundry are also done every day - so don´t bring to much you will need the space in the bags to take back some wonderful souvenirs.
Relaxing accommodation in South Africa
We have areas where you can sit and relax with a book or writing that important journal while enjoying a refreshing drink or that cold one after a hard day´s hunting. At night we will sit around the fire, enjoying the South
African sky and night sounds while real South African food is served.

foot prints


We cater for rifle as well as bow hunting. Let´s discuss the details once we make contact as time of the year and moon cycles may be important for specific species. Species are available as per different price lists - Northern Cape and Free state (Price list 1) and Limpopo (Price list 2). We also like to do night hunts - can be discussed with us prior the visit.

Rifles - again depending on the species any 30 calibre will be good, shots between 100-200 yards, most of the time from shooting sticks.


We can also offer many other activities such as:
Northern Cape
  1. Visit BIG HOLE and learn about the diamond history of Kimberley
  2. Shopping
  3. Nature reserves
  4. Pictures of big hole
  1. Interaction with animals
  2. Spa in the bush
  3. Elephant riding
  4. Hot spring resort
  5. Visit to taxidermy
  6. Zulu dancing
Guided tours to other plases in South Africa.

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South African Safaris
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